Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Marimekko Café - SMS Broadcast!

Wouldn’t it be amazing, if your SMS marketing campaign could fetch a 28 percent redemption rate? That’s precisely what happened when Marimekko Café propelled their SMS marketing campaign back in 2015. 
Moreover, Marimekko Café saw a good-sized return on all of their SMS marketing campaigns over the course of three months, resulting in 27%, 28%, and 29% redemption rate (purely from text message marketing). 

Marimekko Café is the brands first café worldwide. The Marimekko Café menu had a delectable collection of dishes which are sure to satisfy your every taste bud. They offer a mouth-watering fusion of spices and flavors combined with international comforts. The café is very famous in Dubai and has a chain of restaurants in the MENA region. 
Marimekko Café was finding it quite challenging to converse their marketing propositions to their clients in a thrifty method. Consequently, they required to assimilate an organism in which they can propel discounted offer messages to clients immediately with an option to monitor the entire movement for forthcoming events.
Marimekko Café employ BulkSMSDubai to put the screw on this discommode. BulkSMSDubai proposed SMS marketing campaign to get the message across to the clients without any hassle. 
When Marimekko Café launched their text message campaign in Dubai, the goal was to fetch more customers through different promotional ideas. 
Marimekko Café sent product offers and coupons via text message to customers. One of the most results oriented campaign, they sent was, a highly incentivized coupon, which says “a return visit consist of a ‘free meal-deal sandwich with the purchase of a large juice glass’.” After analyzing the retort from these campaigns, Marimekko Café decided to feature 4-6 messages per month, entailing a cessation date for each discount.
After three months, they witnessed an extraordinary return on their investment. Over 2,000 customers have signed up, 15,000 messages have been sent (per month), and most importantly - they have experienced an average 28% redemption rate of all messages.
After the first SMS promotion, Marimekko Café noticed the following upshots:
· 29% of participants spread the words about Marimekko Café’s text message promotion to a friend.
· 35% of the participants considered themselves more likely to visit Marimekko Café and avail discount offers
· 27% increase in store footfall due to SMS marketing campaigns.
This evidently demonstrates that how a fruitful SMS marketing campaign has the capability to drive lucrative results.
In a nutshell, Text message marketing permits your business to send effective promotional offers and successfully delivers it there and then on each customer’s mobile phone. As Marimekko Café has achieved remarkable outcome, any business can attain more control of traffic through SMS marketing efforts. 

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