Sunday, October 16, 2016

Social Wi-Fi turning the table of Marketing!

Wi-Fi facility is often an unacknowledged and unrewarding perk. It has been noticed that quite often, people buy smallest of the thing from the store to use the Wi-Fi for the next 5-6 hours and when they finally leave, the brand has no record of their visit. We all know that database of clients rule the business and has exceptional power to drive traffic.
Therefore, it is imperative to exploit this opportunity to collect relevant data about visitors in an efficient manner. And social Wi-Fi is the answer to this quest.
Social WiFi is an effective tool for collecting Client data. It converts your guest WiFi network into a powerful marketing channel that builds your customer database, promotes your business and collects valuable insights. Boost your social media presence by allowing customers to connect with preferred social media account.

While login to Wi-Fi, below methods can be adopted to fetch relevant data:

  • Brands can obtain data on their email address, age and gender. This information allows accurate planning of marketing communication for your establishment, getting in touch with your Clients and building a bond.
  • Brand can also provide an option to LIKE or FOLLOW social media platforms to get access to free WiFi. Check in and like buttons can be placed on the welcome page. Imagine the ability to engage every Facebook customer by asking for a 'Like' when they log into your WiFi. Or, ask them to 'Follow' you on Twitter and LinkedIn. It's not necessary, but it's definitely easier than asking them to 'Like' or 'Follow' you via a printed sign, right?  
  •  Also, any promotional information (graphics and videos) can be placed on the welcome page so that a user can have a look and encourage them to take action.
  • Brand can also place interactive contents such as contests or quizzes that will have a positive impact on your restaurant’s image and help you build a strong relationship with the Clients.
  • Last but not the least, brands can run loyalty programs and send across vouchers that inspire them to visit your business.

Other real quick advantages of Social Wi-Fi:

  • Grow your social network
  • Target real in-venue customers
  • Share your news with a relevant audience
  • Pre-written posts and tweets shared on login
  • Check-ins available with Facebook, automatically
  • Ensure your customers are always informed across the social networks
  • Save marketing costs by utilizing digital word-of-mouth marketing
  • Collect names, email addresses, birthdays and more
  • Send offers based on Relationship Status
  • Find out who is local and who is not, with Location Data
  • Build a detailed profile of each customer
  • Be more relevant and grow your business

Social WiFi provide easy (no complicated passwords to share) and free Wi-Fi to your customers which undoubtedly result in to meaningful data collection.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Bluetooth 5 is anticipated to be a noteworthy upgrade!

The succeeding type of the Bluetooth standard is named Bluetooth 5, and will be officially announced in late 2016 to early 2017.
Bluetooth 5 is anticipated to be a noteworthy upgrade over the existing version of the wireless standard. It is expected to offer double the speed and quadruples range with no increase in power consumption as compare to the current version. Furthermore, the capacity of connection-less data broadcasts is predicted to upsurge by 800 percent.

Bluetooth marketing is part of a larger sphere of marketing known as location-based marketing or proximity marketing.

Moreover, market experts say, it will proffer significantly increased speed, range, broadcast messaging capacity and better sustenance for connection-less services. This huge & extended speed, range, broadcast capacity will make full-home and building and outdoor use cases a reality, faster and optimize responsiveness and propel the next generation of “connection-less” services, which means a reliable Internet of Things (IoT) connections.
All these immediate benefits of Bluetooth 5 are quite apparent and easy to grasp. Now your Bluetooth speaker will not stammer when you accidentally take your phone with you into the kitchen, thanks to more bandwidth for data transfer. The new version of Bluetooth will undoubtedly transform the way people experience the Internet of Things (IoT) as it will make things happen for people quite simply and seamlessly around them.


  •     Double the speed
  •     Four times the range
  •     No increase in power consumption
  •     Connection-less data broadcasts capacity upsurge by 800 percent.
  •     Faster and optimize responsiveness.
With Bluetooth 5, data transfer will be more intelligent and richer and will redefine the whole approach of Bluetooth devices information transmission. It will also change the scenario from the app-paired-to-device model to a connection-less Internet of Things (IoT) where there is less need to download an app or connect the app to a device. Therefore, adding Bluetooth 5 in any organization marketing mix will be an obvious choice to ensure marketing endeavor success.
In a nutshell, Bluetooth has the ubiquity of a trusted wireless communication platform and a great history of achieving ground-breaking results in the field of marketing and advertising. It can be well predicted that Bluetooth 5 will stay ahead of the game due to embracing technological progressions from power efficiency to Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity.
Written and posted on August 08th, 2016 by Aditi Bhatt
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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Don't Undermine WhatsApp Marketing!

Did you know that 84% of the population can’t pass their day without Smartphone? According to the figures of 2015, UAE population is 9.58 million, and out of that, 4.69 million individuals use WhatsApp.

A very interesting fact about this platform is that “the users check WhatsApp messages more than 100 times a day”? This statistic makes it leading-edge marketing instrument to target the right customers. Moreover, it is an effectual idea to unleash the hidden potential and reach your target audience without delay.

WhatsApp marketing is not restricted to few segments; it adds real value to all industries. It is one of the fastest and trouble-free method to get a business idea across to a wide reach. It delivers exceptional results by effortlessly sharing important information like customer demands, product offers, and other details with regard to conversion and lead generation to successfully seal the deal.

Most importantly, it is a very convenient way to endorse product & services in broad spectrum and enhance customer loyalty. 

Value Propositions:

  1. Efficiently bond with exact audience and provide wonderful results.
  2. Deliver communication on the dot so that they don’t disappear in the crowd
  3. Make contact with a new customer and craft real value for longer run.
  4. Cultivate long term relationships with clients and successfully strike a chord to get them back time and time again.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Music Chamber - SEO Initiative!

The Music Chamber is a Dubai-based leading music center. Its 16-studio academy offers quality tutoring on several instruments, while the large showroom houses the region’s largest variety of musical instruments, accessories and books.  
It has 500 students from around 50 nationalities have made the Music Chamber their second home. It is where they explore life from a different perspective, learn how to play piano or violin, cello, guitar or percussion and share at our regular cultural activities in the universal language of music.


The Music Chamber was deeply involved in pay per click search marketing however, had not attained worthy organic search ranking for their website. In the year 2015, The Music Chamber approached Dataslices to increase traffic through search engine visibility of its website and overall usability of its customers. The main objective was to gain top rankings in the natural search engine results for the relevant keywords which were most competitive on search engines in the music industry.


Dataslices conducted a SEO Audit to recognize relevant and target market keywords, perform website content optimization and identify crawling and indexing issues etc. Also, A/B split testing on key landing pages have been performed to with the help of Google Website Optimizer to increase conversion rates.
In the process of SEO, countless quality links from reliable sites has been built by publishing press releases and articles, positioning widgets and exchanging links. Blog section has been created on the navigation bar of website to offer quality and required insight to meet the needs clients and students.


According to the owner of The Music Chambers, Dataslices efforts have resulted in more traffic and new leads on their main website.
The site ranks No.1 for numerous keywords in the search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing). Moreover,Dataslices gained top 10 rankings for 97% of the Music Chamber’s keywords and No. 1 rankings for 69%.
Below are few instances of keyword’s organic search results: 
Pop into Google and type in music instruments Dubai is top 5 out of 1,150,000 competing pages. Try typing in music store Dubai is top 2 out of 20,200,000 competing pages.
Pop into Yahoo and type in music instruments Dubai is top 5 out of 1,290,000 competing pages.
Pop into Bing and type in music instruments Dubai is top 5 out of 2,300,000 competing pages.

About 2 months into the campaign, the owner of The Music Chamber, sent an e-mail:

“Most of my queries are coming from really good potential buyers which is commendable. In fact, lead generation has increased by 40% just in two months of time.”

A month later, another e-mail:

“The SEO team at Dataslices has been a tremendous partner for improving the search engine visibility of the Music Chamber, they indeed doing so brilliant job. Our queries has increased from 10 to 15 per week to 40-45 per week, which is excellent. Moreover, for music instruments, I am at the point now where I am facing problem to keep up with orders. Way to go Dataslices. ”
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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Marimekko Café - SMS Broadcast!

Wouldn’t it be amazing, if your SMS marketing campaign could fetch a 28 percent redemption rate? That’s precisely what happened when Marimekko Café propelled their SMS marketing campaign back in 2015. 
Moreover, Marimekko Café saw a good-sized return on all of their SMS marketing campaigns over the course of three months, resulting in 27%, 28%, and 29% redemption rate (purely from text message marketing). 

Marimekko Café is the brands first café worldwide. The Marimekko Café menu had a delectable collection of dishes which are sure to satisfy your every taste bud. They offer a mouth-watering fusion of spices and flavors combined with international comforts. The café is very famous in Dubai and has a chain of restaurants in the MENA region. 
Marimekko Café was finding it quite challenging to converse their marketing propositions to their clients in a thrifty method. Consequently, they required to assimilate an organism in which they can propel discounted offer messages to clients immediately with an option to monitor the entire movement for forthcoming events.
Marimekko Café employ BulkSMSDubai to put the screw on this discommode. BulkSMSDubai proposed SMS marketing campaign to get the message across to the clients without any hassle. 
When Marimekko Café launched their text message campaign in Dubai, the goal was to fetch more customers through different promotional ideas. 
Marimekko Café sent product offers and coupons via text message to customers. One of the most results oriented campaign, they sent was, a highly incentivized coupon, which says “a return visit consist of a ‘free meal-deal sandwich with the purchase of a large juice glass’.” After analyzing the retort from these campaigns, Marimekko Café decided to feature 4-6 messages per month, entailing a cessation date for each discount.
After three months, they witnessed an extraordinary return on their investment. Over 2,000 customers have signed up, 15,000 messages have been sent (per month), and most importantly - they have experienced an average 28% redemption rate of all messages.
After the first SMS promotion, Marimekko Café noticed the following upshots:
· 29% of participants spread the words about Marimekko Café’s text message promotion to a friend.
· 35% of the participants considered themselves more likely to visit Marimekko Café and avail discount offers
· 27% increase in store footfall due to SMS marketing campaigns.
This evidently demonstrates that how a fruitful SMS marketing campaign has the capability to drive lucrative results.
In a nutshell, Text message marketing permits your business to send effective promotional offers and successfully delivers it there and then on each customer’s mobile phone. As Marimekko Café has achieved remarkable outcome, any business can attain more control of traffic through SMS marketing efforts. 

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

BinHindi - SMS Marketing


As one of the most dynamic and successful retail franchise operators in the Middle East and, increasingly, BinHindi brings the world's best brands to new markets and new customers in the Middle East and North Africa, Russia, Turkey and Europe.

In the year 2015, BinHindi observed that although they are market leaders and functioning almost all marketing tools still their marketing endeavors are not quite productive when it comes to communicating promotional offers and other deals to customers. Therefore, they wanted to opt a channel that could multi-fold footfalls by informing customers, provide clear benefits and a tangible return on investment.


BinHindi was keen to embrace a platform to intimate their customers about ongoing offers such as generic discount messages, or news of upcoming sales from their favorite brand on a regular basis to make customers feel valued by keeping them on a focal point of business. In a nutshell, they intended to adopt a tool that could help to build strong relationship with customers in order to augment revenue. 


Bin Hindi employ Bulk SMS Dubai to blow them out from this dilemma. Communication is a key essence to build any robust relationship and therefore, Bulk SMS Dubai picked out SMS marketing which could be of great value when seeking to establish such relationships. They reassured BinHindi that text message marketing is an easy, fast and reliable way to communicate with all of their customers. 

Moreover, Bulk SMS Dubai was well aware of the numbers of mobile phones out there. An absolutely ridiculous amount. And since mobile phones and text messaging, especially, are the way that people communicate now, there isn’t any reason to ignore to tap into this virtually limitless market potential as it is considered - a marketing gold mine!


Bulk SMS DubaiSMS campaign reinforced BinHindi to carefully edify its clients about the promotional offer in a very price-pinching fashion.   

The campaign was highly successful, they managed to boost their footfall by 36%, which was much more than expected. They achieved 55% of open rate and 60% click-through rate (CTR). 

According to BinHindi, the incoming inquires increased fourfold in just one month of time, in addition, the incoming call traffic from SMScampaign grew by 42% on a monthly basis.

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Atlantis, the Palm – SMS Marketing

Doesn’t matter how gigantic the brand is, marketing efforts can’t be overlooked!
Marketing platform should focus on the width of the brain, not the width of the wallet, and must be capable of leaving a lasting impression on clients; and induce them to TAKE ACTION!


Atlantis, The Palm is a majestic 5 star hotel based in Dubai and well renowned for its spectacular services ranging from state-of-the-art hotel architecture, marvelous restaurants and triumphant aquatic attractions which never cease to astonish.
Perhaps, you must be thinking, “Atlantis is a well-recognized brand in the market, thus their marketing endeavors hardly count now”
However, you are absolutely wrong, let me explain, why?


Atlantis was struggling to communicate their promotional offers to new as well as existing clients in a penny-pinching way. Therefore, they wanted to integrate a system wherein they can send communication to clients instantly with an option to monitor the entire activity for future reference and amendments.


Atlantis hires Bulk SMS to pull them out of this scuffle. Bulk SMS suggested them SMS gateway to offer direct communication channel and track the complete progress of the action. Hence, Atlantis meritoriously used the uncomplicated SMS broadcast solution to directly interact with their customers.


Atlantis noticed an enormous ease in the process of communication and eventually boost in the number of guests.
Now they are able to;
·         Send out information about special offers & promotions to potentials and customers.
·         Measure the performance of the entire SMS campaign easily.
·         Run contests & sweepstakes to encourage audience to engage.
·         Keep clients updated about upcoming events and celebrations.
·         Saved 65% of cost as compare to previous marketing platform used for the same purpose.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016


GEMS educations is an international education company. It is a global advisory and educational management firm, and is the largest operator of kindergarten-to-grade-12 schools in the world, with a network of over 70 schools in over a dozen countries.
GEMS Dubai had new session coming up and they clearly wanted to promote it. In order to do the same they had few deliverables in mind:
•  Required result-oriented and ultra-precise database to harvest desired outcome.
•  Send across captivating and catchy content to attract clients to take action.
•  Willing to target explicit audience as per different campaign’s objective.
•  Augment incoming queries about student admissions.
GEMS wanted to spread the word out to encourage STUDENTS to take action immediately, however,they were apprehensive about the kind of marketing platform to adopt that accomplish the goal of informing, stimulating, engaging, and ultimately increasing incoming queries.
Bulk SMS Dubai lent a hand to GEMS to attain their objective and recommended SMS marketing.
“Advance your career potential with an enriched CBSE curriculum. RSVP to 044452900 to meet our Counselling Team at GEMS New Millennium School on Jan 9”
Age Group:15 – 19 years
City: Dubai
“Get enrolled to the finest CBSE School coupled with exceptional value – Our Own English High School Al-Ain. For enquiries call  037679747”
Age: 15 – 20 years
City: Al Ain
Few reasons why SMS marketing for GEMS
1. Give VALUE – SMS database marketing is remarkably conversion optimized sub-set of mobile ads alleviates harvesting desired output.
2. Give SPEED - Text message is opened and viewed in less than 5 minutes after receipt and hence bulk SMS broadcast are trusted for meritoriously time sensitive delivery.
3. Give PRECISION – 160-character limit makes SMS marketing services a boon for brands and result into concise,clear and to-the-point without any waffle that targeted SMS audience unlike to read.
The open rate of SMS is 98 percent compared with 22 percent for emails
(Source: Venture Beat).
Text messages can be 8x more effective at engaging customers
(Source: Cellit).
Mobile offers are redeemed 10x more frequently than print offers
(Source: eMarketer).
SMS marketing ascertained as a workhorse & GEMS find it inexpensive, at the same time, highly result-oriented. Bulk SMS Dubai sent 100k SMS to the desired target audience across UAE. There results were as follows:
•  The campaign was highly successful,they achieved 92% of open rate.
•  According to GEMS, the incoming inquires increased fourfold in just one month of time, in addition, the incoming call traffic from SMS campaign grew by 43% on a monthly basis.
The campaign ran by Bulk SMS Dubai was a great triumph for GEMS. The results were very impressive and yielded anticipated response from the market. The formula was simple; they didn’t‘reinvent the wheel’, just met target audience where they were already active.

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