Tuesday, April 5, 2016

SMS Marketing Strategy for Beauty Salons!

Is SMS Marketing part of your salon’s marketing strategy? The astronomical evolution of smart phone and technologies can’t be overlooked. Strange but the fact is, there are more mobile devices on this planet than people to hold them! And hence, incorporating SMS marketing tactics into your marketing mix is a MUST.

 What are the Profits of SMS Marketing for Beauty Salons?

  • You can keep clients up-to-date about salon offers and promotions, as well as confirm appointment schedules with prompt SMS service.
  • SMS marketing allow easy integration with website, email marketing and social media.
  • Upsurge customer engagement by running contests and offering a chance to win free product or service if revert promptly.
  • When business is sluggish, instant promotional messages can be sent out endorsing a special coupon or discount.
  • Gentle reminders can be sent to clients & last minute opportunities to schedule appointments can also be provided to fill cancellation slots.
To squash the most marketing juice out of your SMS marketing strategy below points are vital to follow:

1. Keep it short and simple:

SMS allow 160 characters space therefore, brevity is of utmost significance. Getting to the point immediately by cutting out unwanted marketing fuzz and gimmicks.

2. Don’t slip standards when texting

Text messages have the ability to create first impression of your salon, and a minimal glitch can tarnish your brand image too. Therefore, don’t make brevity an excuse to mistake. Watch spellings, grammar, punctuation etc.  And strictly avoid abbreviation.

3. Target right audience:

Don’t forget the basic rule of marketing – “NOT TO NAG”, target audience wisely. If you are promoting a flash offer which is related to females, it’s not a good idea to send text messages to male clients and vice versa.

4. Send personalize texts:

As mobile phones are very personal & private means of communication, it is imperative and recommended to be as personalized as possible. SMS marketing is well known to be intimate and instant, thus always use your salon client’s name and make them feel as text was meant just for them.

5. Always Include a Call to Action:

Don’t forget to include a call-to-action in your SMS such as ‘Call us now to book your appointment’ or ‘Text us back if you would like to book’ or ‘Visit our website to know more’. Give a discount to those who promptly book an appointment and establish time limits to encourage prospects to immediate take action.

6. Measure SMS marketing results:

Text message reminders reduces the no-show counts dramatically. Moreover, including a code with text promotions can help measure results to evaluate what tactic worked and what didn’t.

7. Quick Hello:

Texting can also be used to grab attention of clients you haven’t seen for a while.  A quick “hello” can revive your connections with these clients. For instance - ‘Hello there, we haven’t seen you in while, hope all well, book your appointment this month and avail free hair cut with full body wax’.
To conclude, SMS marketing has huge potential. In salon business as acquiring customers are important, equally retaining old clients are imperative to get most success and fetch bigger profits.  Therefore, incorporating SMS marketing in your marketing mix is undoubtedly crucial.

Written and posted on March 27th, 2016 by Aditi Bhatt
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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Text Message marketing, boon for Retailers!

Of late, a drastic revolution has taken place in terms of buying behavior of consumers, their buying patterns, product awareness, brand consciousness etc. On every day basis, we witness a new trend in the market as everything has transformed immensely. And the chief reason behind all this transformation is the nativity of Modern Retailing. These days, consumers have wide options to choose and buy, huge malls, hyper & supermarkets, multiplexes, conventional & departmental stores, multi brand outlets, discounted shops etc. and hence, for unrivaled results, smart selection of marketing platform is of the essence. In order to be unique in the market, it has become need of hour for Retailers to adopt remarkably nifty tactics such as adapting smarter technology, understanding the consumer demands, gauging market situations and last, but not the least, build long term relationship with loyal clients by proffering them special attention and utmost care. As a result, retailers need to adopt a marketing platform that could bring in traffic and augment sales. Now the question arises, which marketing platform to pick to satiate the need in question. 
And the answer is SMS marketing, as is a great medium to STAND OUT, GET YOURSELF NOTICED & REEL IN YOUR CUSTOMERS. Text message marketing is an instantaneous and effective method to reach right audience and drive stream of traffic to store facility or online store. Retailers can use SMS marketing to build trust and long term relation with its customer. Moreover, SMS marketing service can come real handy for retailers, when it comes to structuring a loyalty program for its clients. It is one of the finest approaches to make customers feel special and stimulate them to visit into the stores regularly.

Using SMS marketing service, see what all you can do!
• Discount Coupons: Offer 25% discount or buy one-get one free.
• Text to Win: run regular contests to give away prize- 15% off on today’s bill.
• Quiz Text: Quiz some attention-grabbing facts and entice customers.
• Text to Vote: Introduce feedback and voting opportunities to allow client to interact, and retailers to track their loyal customers.
• Mobile QR code: Create limitless 2D Barcodes of discount coupons and marketing video URLs.
Apart from pushing marketing efforts, SMS broadcast can also offer excellent services to customer.
• Send order ready / pick-up SMS alerts
• Send text for new arrivals and upcoming sale.
• Send product details while customers in store.
• Birthday & anniversary discount alerts.
• Send news and upcoming events 
Text message marketing service work as a boon for retailers as Time is a ruling factor these days for customers. Due to abatement of time, it has become indispensable for retailers to be more innovative, updated and direct whileadvertising their products.  
According to GCC industry experts’ statistics: 
• 84% of people can’t spend their day without Smartphone?
• Average mobile users check their devices more than 100 times a day.
• 99% of recipient read text messages & 94% of these messages are opened with 3 minutes. 
• SMS has 90% (or better) average open rate.
These statistics evidently shows that retailers need to meet their prospects in their choice of environment, a place most of them visit on continues basis i.e. Mobile. SMS marketing proffer heaps of valuable solutions enfolded in a low cost package that kicks the rivalry out of the water! Text message marketing is no more a choice, but vital tool to endorse retail business verticals.
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Written and posted on April 03rd, 2016 by Aditi Bhatt
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